How LEDContent Works

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You can buy single animations (1 file only) for $12.99 each or you can become a member, for $149 per year membership fee, and download unlimited animations in any of the formats available. As a member, you will be saving money each year.

Unlimited LED sign animation downloads with membership is the best source for high quality LED sign animations at affordable rates. The new animations we create and upload every month will allow you to keep fresh content on your LED display. The creative for animated backgrounds is based on upcoming holidays, national events, or seasonal. You can customize them with your own text, images and any other custom content to meet your needs.

LED Sign Content

Tired of having to retrain employees to program your sign? Disappointed in how your advertisements turn out after you invested so much time and money into your LED display? We have the deal for you! Using a variety of animation software, and with experience on several of the big names in LED displays, will work with you to determine which programming package is right for you. It is especially important now, in this time of economic uncertainty, to make sure you are reaching your customers and achieving your full advertising potential. Contact us today!

Custom Design

Here at we understand how important the message on your sign is. The right message drives sales. That is why we offer our custom animation services. No job is too small or too large. Request custom animations here.